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Do you have a broken website?

We can fix broken WordPress websites in a matter of hours.


Broken website

WordPress support experts

Get your website fixed in a matter of hours

Our team of WordPress support experts have years of experience in fixing all manner of WordPress issues and errors for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a sole trader whose website has unexpectedly gone down, or you’re a large eCommerce business with thousands of products, we can help.

Our process

How we fix broken websites

We want to make the process as easy as possible so we can fix your broken website as soon as possible.

1. Tell us what isn't working

Send us an email telling us what is broken, which will create a support ticket in our system.

2. We’ll investigate your issue

We will be in touch with you to understand more about what’s broken on your WordPress website and investigate further.

3. We’ll fix your issue

We will fix your broken WordPress website as soon as possible. Usually within three working days.

4. Website working as normal

Once we’ve fixed your issue, your website will be up and running as normal.

Broken website issues we can fix

Page loading errors

If pages are consistently refusing to load, we will identify the source of the error and attempt to find a solution to ensure they load.

Non-responsive design

If your website doesn’t work properly on mobile devices, your website won’t perform. We can review your page builder to make it mobile responsive.

Broken plugins

Plugins must be up-to-date to keep your website functioning as it should. We will review plugins that you have installed and resolve any issues.

Caching issues

Caching issues can cause users to see an outdated version of your website. We can review your website including server configuration to identify the cause.

Hacked website

A website that has been hacked poses a serious risk to user data and your authority online. We will investigate the issue and attempt to resecure your website.

Server errors

Server errors can be caused by many different factors. We will review and diagnose the issue with a view to fixing them quickly.

Frequently asked questions

Broken WordPress website FAQs

What can cause my website to break?
A broken website can be caused by a variety of factors including server errors, issues with plugins, and caching issues.
How do I know if I have a broken website?
You’ll likely notice various signs that your website is broken including slow loading, pages not loading correctly, 404 or 500 error messages, your website may not be converting or you may be receiving feedback from users.
How can I prevent my website from breaking?
Regular maintenance including backups, software updates, and plugin updates can help prevent your website from breaking or going down. Contact us to find out about our website management plans.
Why isn’t my website loading properly?
Your website may not be loading properly for various reasons, including browser issues, a slow or misconfigured server, or broken plugins.
What is a 404 error?
A 404 error is shown when your browser can connect to the server but the server can’t find the specific page. This can happen if a linked URL is misspelled, the content has been moved to another location but the link hasn’t been updated or the content has been removed.
What is a 500 error?
Unlike a 404 error, a 500 error is when the server can’t fulfil your request at all and is a catch-all response for serverside issues which can include server overload, software bugs, and corrupted files.
Can you recover a website that has disappeared completely?
It’s impossible to give a definitive answer without investigating the issue but as long as you still have access to your WordPress, your website is still being hosted somewhere and has been backed up in the past we should be able to restore it to a previous version.
How quickly can you fix a broken website?
We aim to investigate and fix a broken website within 3 working days but of course, some more complex issues may take longer.
Do you only work with WordPress?
Currently, WordPress is the only CMS we work with.

Our pricing

Our WordPress website fixes

Have a WordPress problem that just needs fixing? we have the options for you

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Not sure what is wrong with your website? Let us find the problems and report back so you.

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More complex issues
Unknown website issues
Multiple errors and problems
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Our support plans
Support & maintenance plan


per month

Our support & maintenance plan is our most popular plan and is ideal for medium-sized websites that need regular monthly support.

60 minutes of included support
Quarterly CMS updates
Regular uptime monitoring
Regular site audits
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