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Ensuring your WordPress website is secure is important for protecting user data, complying with data and privacy laws, maintaining trust with users and preventing cyber attacks. An unsecure website can be damaging to your brand, your website and your business with search engines potentially de-ranking your website and users unwilling to enter personal data causing loss of business.

Our process

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We’re WordPress security experts and can tackle the majority of WordPress security issues including regular backups, malware removal, and installing SSL certificates in a matter of hours.

1. Submit your security issue to us

Simply submit a ticket via email telling us what your issue is.

2. We’ll get in touch with you

We’ll get in touch to find out more so we can investigate the issue.

3. Investigate & flag any other problems

We’ll investigate your issue and flag any other issues we find.

4. Your website is secure

We’ll ensure your website is secure by fixing any issues.

How we fix unsecure websites

SSL certificate installation

We can install and renew SSL certificates which encrypt user data to protect your visitors, enhancing security and trust. It’ll ensure users can make transactions on your website safely and securely, as well as being an important ranking factor in search engines.

Security plugins

We can install WordPress security plugins to provide an extra layer of security such as firewall protection, scanning for malware, and login protection to further help protect your website from cyber-attacks.

Malware removal

If your website is a victim of a malware infection, we will use scanning tools to investigate compromised files in an attempt to remove the malware. If we are unable to remove it, we will restore your website to a previous, more secure backup.

Plugin & theme updates

Ensuring WordPress plugins and themes are up to date is vital to addressing security issues and vulnerabilities. We will routinely update plugins to ensure your website is using the most up-to-date and secure versions.

Secure file permissions

Incorrect file permissions can open your website to unauthorised users and may allow them to access sensitive files or information, and potentially take your website offline. We will ensure all non-public pages are secure and can’t be accessed.

Secure login pages

Login pages to your website need to be secure to ensure that your customers’ data is safe. We can implement several security measures to help protect your users including captchas and limiting login attempts.

Frequently asked questions

Unsecure website FAQs

Confused by some of the terms on this page? We've written FAQs for the questions about unsecure websites that we're most frequently asked.

What does having an unsecure website mean?
Having an unsecure website means that your website is exposed to vulnerabilities like hackers who are often looking to steal user data or even hold your website to ransom.
What are some common website security threats?
Some common security threats are malware infections and unauthorised access to sensitive information by hacking.
What should I do if my website is hacked?
If your website is hacked, it’s important that you contact us immediately so that we can minimise the amount of damage hackers have caused.
What is an SSL certificate?
AN SSL certificate is a file that digitally encrypts data on a website and is a key element of website security, particularly for websites that hold sensitive information like credit card details. If you’ve ever noticed https:// in a website link, it means the website has an SSL certificate installed.
What is a DDOS attack?
A DDOS attack is a deliberate attempt to stop your website from functioning as normal by flooding it with an excessive amount of traffic which can lead to your website being inaccessible to legitimate users.
How often should website backups be taken?
Ideally, website updates should be taken as frequently as possible but it generally depends on the frequency of content uploads especially before any key updates are made like plugin installs and updates.
How can I prevent unsecure website issues?
To prevent unsecure website issues you should ensure you have strong passwords implemented, install security plugins, keep plugins and software up to date and have an SSL certificate installed.

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